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March 10th, 2013, 10:15 PM
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this is a very good video. please watch it with your husband!

Child Circumcision: An Elephant in the Hospital - YouTube

this one is good too-

116 babies die from the procedure every year. a baby in california died 2 days ago because he bled to death. more babies die from circ than sids and car accidents.

Joseph4GI: CIRCUMCISION DEATH: Yet Another One (I Hate Writing These)
i posted that article on my wall and here is what my husband responded with:
I was the adamant dad that just had to have my son's penis match mine. No matter what. There was no question. You didn't get it, how could you? My most personal part of me, my identity as a "man". You want to argue with me about that? I had been most compromising and accepting to new ideas about parenting, but this was the line. No crossing it. He will be like me.
Then I watched it. I sat there with my wife and watched it. I saw as this boy was strapped down and had a part of his body amputated. I watched the blood and his screams. This was his welcome to this world. If he was lucky he snuggled up to his mom's boob for a couple hours. More than likely he was shoved a bottle of formula as his mommy "recuperated" from what was treated as a procedure. His parents watched with accomplishment as they wheeled him off to another room. Complete detachment. How could you possibly watch your flesh and blood go through that? Its much easier that way... bring him back to me when he's asleep from shock.
I am a circumcised male, and I wouldn't change it. My penis is the way it is, and is everything about my identity as a "man" that it should be in that context. I look down at it as normal. I am not the guy I've seen stories about who stretch their skin out to replace the foreskin, or have some miff against the world because their parents cut it off. I don't feel "unwhole". What my son is and what I want him to become is not the shape of his penis. Of all the things I want to pass on to sweet Vincent, that is last on the list. And that is what I learned that day. He is perfect.
i just want to add, that most people don't realize that it's not just a "snip." the foreskin is fused to the head of the penis at birth, so the doctors have to rip the skin from the head with a scalpel. this is what a nurse friend of mine said about it after reading the article above and someone claimed that their son slept through the procedure:
This is so sad. When I worked in a NICU assisted in hundreds of circs and I can promise you not one little boy slept thru it. They scream and pee on themselves even with numbing cream and the injection. They are tied down spread eagles with bright lights in there face, naked in a cold room. My son is circed because I was in the medical field and thought it was best poise my uncirced Hubby wanted his son circed. If I had to do it again I would not have had him circed but you cant put it back.......

.....They sound like they are in denial. It's a sterial procedure and they are certainly not held or swaddled during the circ. Theu are on a board that has a baby shaped indentation with a raised part where the penis is. They don't want them moving at all because they could chop it off. I have seen Dr's pull the forskin to tight, to loose and even clip the head off the penis. I have even had to call the dr back when the baby was still bleeding a lot and the poor thing had to get multiple injections in the penis to stop the bleeding. The Docs cut it wrap it and leave the staff
to clean up the mess and take the baby back to the parents. In every case not one parent was told about any problem unless surgery was needed. Some docs even use a bell shaped device that slowly kills/cuts the forskin over days.
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