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March 10th, 2013, 11:50 PM
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my son loves loves loves food. hes a very solid little boy. a lot of the time when his food is gone he fusses for more, i can not eat in front of him unless i share or give him something or he will throw a fit so i have to hide. he eats plenty! breakfast he gets six oz of milk one egg half a banana and sometimes half a piece of bread and will eat it all. lunch he gets half a sandwich some avocado and try to squeeze in a fruit and dinner usually just what we have. he still breast feeds and drinks water all day and gets a snack in between meals so he is not hungry. i have never seen a baby this obsessed over food. he has also mauled other kids who had food trying to get to their food. any advice on how to get him to not think about his taste buds all the time.
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