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March 11th, 2013, 03:15 AM
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Soul Sister of the Week this week beginning March 11th is Terri (crankyfidget)!

Terri, here is the schedule for what you should post each day, but you can be flexible, and skip days, or post a few all on one day, whatever works for you.

This game works best if everyone asks the Soul Sister of the Week some questions for Friday! You can ask the same questions for every lady and just copy and paste them, or think up questions when you've read a few of their posts. You can ask one question or ten! All entirely up to you.

Terri, if there are any questions put to you that you don't feel comfortable with, obviously you need not answer, perhaps just say so on the thread or PM the member to let them know you weren't just ignoring them.

I will do a card draw and short angel message later in the week for the area of life you want guidance on. Other members who also read or draw cards are welcome to do the same.

MONDAY INTRODUCTIONS - An introduction in your own words - whatever you want to say about your life story. You should also say what area of your life you'd currently like guidance on here.

TUESDAY PATHWAYS - Your path and beliefs - copy & paste the questionnaire and answer as many of the questions as you're comfortable with and are relevant to you. Feel free to delete any which are not.

What faith, religion or path did you grow up with? What faith, religion or path do you identify with now? Or are you still seeking?

If different, what led you to your new path? If still seeking, what are you currently exploring?

What do you most enjoy about your current path?

If you identify with a faith or religion at present, is there anything in it you donít agree with?

What spiritual activities do you do the most often?

What would you say your three core beliefs or values are?

Do you believe in:






Saints/Ascended Masters

Past lives/Reincarnation



Cosmic ordering/The Law of Attraction

PICTURE WEDNESDAY - You can share ten pictures of your choice, of your family, home, crafts, etc; photography you have created; or picture quotes, cartoons and other pictures from the internet which represent you in some way (if you have Facebook you probably already have a ton!).

EITHER showcase your spiritual or creative skills or knowledge. Share a poem, story, piece of artwork, photography or craft you have created. You could share a channelling, piece of automatic writing, or pull oracle or tarot cards, runes or similar for a few members who've asked you questions. You could write a short piece on something spiritual or paranormal to share your knowledge.

OR showcase your newest spiritual tools, crystals, books, whatever you have bought most recently to further your spiritual development - or your wish list using pictures from the internet!

QUESTION FRIDAY - Answer questions from the other members.

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