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March 11th, 2013, 08:01 AM
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This is very exciting to have a DDB wanting a very similar type of birth Its crazy about being on pit for that long without an epidural. When I was 16 when I gave birth to my first and I remember my mom telling me that by the time you think you cant handle the pain anymore that's when its time and baby is coming. That has been completely true for try to remember that this time! It helped me a lot to know for 1 how strong I could be which is amazing and second that when I thought I couldn't take it anymore it would be time to finally push my baby out and meet him for the first time! With pushing naturally I find that when pushing the pain isn't bad because all your thinking about it pushing so hard...if that makes sense. Although my boys were out quick after pushing 18 min, and 24 minutes.

I dont really have a birth plan, with my first I wanted to squat so bad it was just what my body wanted...I didnt really understand what was happening and I told the nurses I had to go to the bathroom. They were hesitant but let me and I went in there sat on the toilet..but didn't feel right so ended up standing holding onto the sink not pushing hard but bearing down becuase it felt good..that sounds wierd I know! Now I understand what was happening and that I was pushing baby out but at the time I didnt. The nurses ended up coming in and making me lay down....I didnt want to move it hurt more to lay down! Then with Jace all I wanted to do was rock in a rocking chair and my water broke at a check at 6 cm, after that I wanted ice chips and to push on my back...mostly becuase once my water broke the urge to push was so intense that I didnt want to move.

You will do great with your natural delivery it is the best. I love how you can feel what your body is doing, when you need to push which helps get baby out faster, and when the baby is being born. You will love how you feel so strong afterwards like you can do anything! Plus afterwards you can get up go pee, brush your teeth, have a shower or anything else you want! Water births look cool, not my thing though. I love laboring in the water...I love being in the water in general though But I dont want to be in the tub with all the birth mess hahaha...I have some issues with that stuff though Although I bet if I was laboring in the water and then my water broke and the urge to push came I doubt I would move! My birth plan is to expect what I think I want to be different then what I actually want in labor. Both births were way different then I expected them to who wants ice chips inbetween every push lol!

This is all so exciting we are almost halfway there! And a lot of babies will be born before 40 in that case we are halfway of over halfway!

Thanks Jaidynsmum for the awsome siggy!

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