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March 11th, 2013, 08:57 AM
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Oh wow! You ladies rock! Such good suggestions.

I do have 4th grader teach Kindergartener some days and sometimes she creates her own worksheets for him But I think I'm going to implement that more.

I do have her(4th grader) do what she can by herself but she needs extra help in math, writing and geography. She does cursive, language arts, science, reading etc fine on her own.

Also, giving her(4th grader) incentives to watch 2 y/o while I work with Kindergartener is a great idea!

DS has already started requesting studies today so after we eat I'm going to go ahead and get something done with him and then he likes to play starfall and such while I work with DD1.

Thanks for the suggestion for the pinterest activities for toddler. I saved them a long time ago and promptly forgot to actually utilize them I swear I'm my own worst enemy some days!

Sadly, it's been harder and harder to get 2.5 y/o to nap anymore. I get it from her about 4 days a week now. Maybe I should just make sure those days are school days and give her a nap-break the other days.

Who knew juggling kids would be so hard! Haha..

Seriously, thanks ladies. I feel much better today
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