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March 11th, 2013, 12:18 PM
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(((hugs))), Ashley! I really hope you can find something that works for Remy and you. The evenings are frustrating here, too, as I'm also by myself. I wish I had some great advice to give. Hopefully it's just a phase and he'll come out of it soon. I think some baby's do have personalities that need to use different methods. I never thought I'd have to use CIO, but two of my boys personalities (stubborn, LOL) needed the CIO method to get on schedule. They were much happier babies after we let them CIO for a few days. It can be hard on you, but once they are on schedule and happy, it's so worth it. But, it's not for every mom or every baby's personality! I just wanted to throw it out there since you said you've considered it.
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