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March 11th, 2013, 01:20 PM
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Wow, that's why I'm glad Matt and I watch stuff on his computer. His desk is right next to mine, and he's got 2 monitors. So he puts the show on one monitor, he does his thing on the other, and I scrap. And when he's not home I watch on my laptop so I go through shows really fast.

That means when we DO put a movie on the TV, I have a really hard time just sitting and watching anything. lol

Totally random, the layout I'm doing right now needs a pinecone. Now, there IS a pinecone on the Create A Critter cart, but according to, Give A Hoot has one that I actually like a lot better. So I'm going to go buy it, just for the pinecone. Is that a little ridiculous of me? (that also means I can't finished this page while Erin is at school because Allison is sleeping and I can't go to the store right now)
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