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March 11th, 2013, 05:02 PM
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Alright guys, I'm home! So here's all of it, Friday 3/8 ER, 25 eggs. I felt terrible all weekend, its starting to get better now. Some fertilized naturally and some with ICSI, a total of 18 fertilized. By Sunday a lot of them had died out (not sure how many). Today (3/11) transfer, we still have quite a few embryos but most of them are fragmented; they will keep watching them for a couple more days to see what they do. RE suggested we transfer 3 embryos (all 8 cells, two were the highest grade) given that they haven't really been doing very well considering the amount of eggs retrieved which we did. Of the embryos left, there are some seven cells, six cells, one was only two cells, not sure if there were any other eight cells left. I was a little shocked to hear we didn't have very many good embryos so was mostly focused on what we could do with what we did have and didn't remember to ask for what all the exact numbers were. I did ask them to give me an update either today or tomorrow so hopefully we will get some good news! I guess my 2WW is on! I will go for BW to check progesterone on Friday and my beta will be 3/25. I'm sorry if this is a jumble and not organized, still trying to process some of it.

Kayakr- Good luck at your appointment tomorrow and I hope your DH is feeling better very soon!
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