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March 11th, 2013, 07:11 PM
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So as I put a Christmas shirt on E today (a Charlie Brown Christmas shirt), I began to wonder... do you other ladies put LO in holiday shirts after the holiday? When do you start putting LO in holiday-themed shirts/outfits?

For Christmas shirts, I start putting E in these shirts the day after Thanksgiving. I had a jack-o-lantern shirt this year, and E started wearing in late September. I have some Christmas pajamas for E, and he wore them for the first time on Christmas Eve (so I could make sure they'd look good Christmas morning!) I got an Uncle Sam shirt last year right before Memorial Day last year. E wore it for the first time on Memorial Day, but it was added to the "rotation" right after that. And he wore it on July 4th, of course!

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I fell in love with this shirt, and E will wear it for the first time on St. Patricks day! I have a Star Wars shirt, and E is going to wear it on May 4th! Star Wars Day - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia I'm actually sad that May 4th is on a weekend, because I wanted him to go to day care with his Star Wars shirt on Star Wars Day!

E will wear all shirts after the holiday, even Christmas shirts (obviously). I don't put him in the Christmas shirts as often as others, but it still happens when his other shirts are dirty or I need some variety!

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