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March 11th, 2013, 08:44 PM
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well since i've been led here, might as well update! Let's see. Thing 1, aka tyler is almost 2.5 now. still long and lean i'm hoping beyond all hope that he might get interested in potty training. he is a human tornado and his vocabulary is exploding daily. he knows all of his colors and loves to tell us about them all of the time. he does not at all care about the alphabet or numbers, lol. also, he's obsessed with bubble guppies, and picking out his own clothes.
Thing 2, emily, is now going on 13m, dang february for being a short month. she's been walking for a few months now and thinks its hilarious to run the exact opposite of wherever you'd like her to go. she loves to laugh, especially at herself and her brother, she absolutely soaks up every move he makes and he thinks she's pretty sweet,too. She's saying more and more words as well. They're separated these days but just under 16months, 4lb and about 8 inches. lol wonder how long i have before people start assuming they're twins. She loves her babies, yogurt and making noise. And i love having a baby girl more than i ever could have imagined i would.

And in other news, we have baby #3 in the works as well. never pegged myself as one for 3 under 3, especially after it took nearly 2 years to get the first one, but here i am. tyler will be just a couple of weeks from his 3rd birthday when this baby is due to arrive. we were very much NOT trying, but if you were curious, pulling out isn't as effective as it was before we started ttc. lol...i'm just over 11 weeks and time is going by pretty quickly. baby's heartbeat is still in the 170s. i'm guessing girl, b is guessing of us has to be right! we're planning to announce to our families soon. i keep waiting for the time to be right,but the reality is i need to just rip the bandaid off.

Loving everyone's updates. congrats all of you newly preggos

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