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March 11th, 2013, 10:18 PM
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I failed my one hour (160 when they want 139 or lower my doc office aims for 130) but took my 3 hour on friday and passed.

They recommend you eat a completely normal diet leading up to the three hour so you do not falsely get a non positive test by starting a pre diabetic diet too early. Most cases with gestational diabetes all it means is a matter of changing your diet to cut out certain things. Only in very few cases does it actual mean insulin or heavy monitoring so please try not to panic. Just make sure you have something to keep you busy tomorrow. I rented and downloaded a couple films for my kindle to get through it because boy is that wait boring! Also you are drinking 100mg not the 50mg for the 1 hour so I felt gross almost right away. Ask for fruit punch if they give you the option. I find it much easier to get down than the lime or orange drink because it doesn't taste like a flat soda. You never expect carbonation in fruit punch so its much easier! =) Good luck!

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