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March 12th, 2013, 06:21 AM
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MaryBeth is almost 2.5 and has been spending the morning half of the day in the "big" kid class at "school". She is exploding with new words and personality!! She can be shy, but mostly its an act. She loves spending the night with my parents and DH's mom and step-dad.(DH's dad isn't likely to get a chance to be alone with her for various reasons.)

Dh and I are on a TTC hold. We need for 1 or both of us to have a full-time job w/benefits. We are also very scared to get pregnant again. I went into congestive heart failure after coming home from hospital and we lost my SIL 16hrs after a csection birth of twins(There is a long story here, and not for a short update.) So we want for me to have a long talk with my doc. and lose roughly 80lbs.

Now I have to take a minute to brag on some cute nieces. They were born Oct. 27. They both did some NICU time. One was only there for about 10-15 days and the other was there for 5-6 weeks. They have both been home for about 3 months and are growing and doing well. They are considered 1 month preemie. We are currently expecting them to do very well long-term.

Pics to come. I don't have any recent ones on my computer!

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