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March 12th, 2013, 07:19 AM
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I've given birth both ways. Vaginally and C section. Vaginal birth was easier to recover from, C section....I didn't have as much post partum bleeding.

The C section felt very clinical to me. I didn't ever go into labor for it. It was more scary than anything else...and cold. I didn't get to hold my baby right away, I didn't really know what he looked like until after I got out of recovery.

Getting an epidural when you are in labor is not nearly as scary as getting one when you are not in labor. When I was in labor, it seemed like more of a blessing. When I wasn't in labor, it seemed more like....hell.

My vaginal birth was anything but calm. I felt like everyone and their brother where all up in my lady bits, and my grandmother screamed the hail mary the entire time I pushed as loud as she could from thre ajoining bathroom. It was chaotic.

But I got the initial skin to skin, the first eye contact and the sense that *I* had just done something amazing....

I asked the doc about VBAC and he looked at me and he said in an apologetic (not a jerk voice) voice...

"Yes, we will attempt them if that is what you really want, but we don't advocate them because of the serious risks of scar seperation and blah blah blah..."

I know this is probably for the best, since I have a compromised immune system anyways, i don't need to risk more than I have too....

and my husband is prone to fainting under stress, and I don't know how well he would do during a "normal" labor and delivery....

I don't know...I guess I am feeling kind of bittersweet about it all.

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