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March 12th, 2013, 07:43 AM
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You're so sweet for checking in Nicholle. We're not doing anything this month, taking it off. To be honest, I'm loosing my patience with MA, and we haven't even started with IVF. Things just take so long. We started on the route to MA in Sept, and so far we've only managed to get 2 IUIs in. I find the delays frustrating. I feel sort of like I've given up these days. That being said, we're definitely doing IUI + femara next cycle, and then definitely moving onto IVF if that doesn't work. I just don't have the drive to 'make it happen' like I used to. It's kind of sad. I still want a baby more than anything, but I feel tired and mad that it's not fair there are so many of us who struggle so hard to have a baby when people around me get pregnant.

Sorry that turned into a rant! I really didn't mean to I was just going to pop in and say hi, and thanks for checking in on me, and to let you know I'll likely be away from the boards for another month till we get back into the TTC world again.

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