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March 12th, 2013, 09:59 AM
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No need to apologize for the rant; I know exactly how you feel! This cycle is my first natural cycle since July 2012. We're still BDing and trying, but I'm not as into it as I was before. I was so focused on MA and especially IVF. After that failed, I'm kind of like, well, we'll see what happens. Like you, I want a baby more than anything else, but when you try so hard and nothing, it becomes a bit discouraging.

Of course, I'm still planning on laproscopy, FET and IVF #2; but overall I'm not too optimistic about anything anymore.

Ok, I made this a bit about me, I'm sorry. I really hope that IUI # 3 works, if not feel free to ask questions about IVF. Everything is crossed for you!
TTCing since August 2011
Me (33)-LP on the short side, but no other abnormalities
DH (37)-slightly subfertile morphology and motility

Natural cycles-August 2011-July 2012
August 2012-October 2012 clomid and progesterone
November 2012-IUI
December 2012, cysts from IUI, on bcp

January 2013-February 2013, long protocol IVF
15 eggs retrieved, 11 mature, 7 fertilized with ICSI
All 7 made it to 5 day transfer, 2 were transferred
Only 1 frozen snowbaby
1st IVF

May 10, 2013, lap sx, Stage 1 endo

June 2013 - MA Round 2
Femara + hcg shot
IUI # 2

FET tentatively scheduled for 10/31/13

Have never seen a bfp.

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