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March 12th, 2013, 12:22 PM
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Last year a friend of mine shared how she and her kids occasionally pick a day to perform random acts of kindness. Since then, that idea has been lingering in my mind. So the kids and I found a jar and started collecting money. Once we have enough money saved, we plan on doing something for a random stranger(s).

We've thought of:

*Paying for someone's meal.
*Taping an envelope of money on a random door.
*Buying helium balloons and attaching a bag with little toys to pass out to kids at the park.
*Making gift bags for the homeless.
And we'd probably include a fun Bible tract with every hand-out.

This is really going to stretch me because I am NOT good at talking to or interacting with new people!

Has anyone else tried this before?
Any other ideas that could be added to the list?
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