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March 12th, 2013, 12:50 PM
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I am so sorry you are going through this, it is such a terrible waiting game!

With my first loss I went in for an u/s and was around 5w, they couldn't see anything, I was in because of bleeding. They did hcg and that was too low to see anything anyways, had another draw and things were progressing, I had another u/s at around 6.5w, they found a sac, but it appeared empty, however, my doc said that at that point, it could just be too early, she prepared me for either scenario. I went back again at 8w, because the doc said that at 8w, if there wasn't anything there, we could be certain that things were over. My hcg was rising, but not doubling too. However, I chose to wait until the 8w mark to ensure that what we had seen was in fact a blighted ovum and not a slow growing baby (my doc said she has seen it go both ways). Because it had been about 3 weeks since everything started, I chose to have a D&E, because it just didn't seem like it would ever end and for me, that would have been hard. The decision is such a hard one, if you feel that you need to wait, I would, you don't want that lingering thought, the what if. I am sure that your doctor will be happy to do another u/s for your peace of mind.

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