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March 12th, 2013, 01:44 PM
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Hi there,

I am new to this site as I am currently 3 weeks pregnant and this is the second time I am pregnant in a year. I had an abortion in September 2012. I am so annoyed that this has happened to me AGAIN.
I am to blame though. I have not been using birth control, only condoms. The time I think I conceived was when we didn't use protection and 'pulled out'. The last time i was pregnant I fell pregnant whilst using a condom. I have a NUVO ring in my house but haven't used it as I don't like using birth control unless I'm in a committed relationship. I have been utterly stupid because I have still been having regular sex and haven't started using it!
I have used an implant, the pill and the injection for over 6 or 7 years and I don't like not being aware of my cycle I prefer non hormonal contraception. An IUD is an option.

Now I find myself pregnant AGAIN. I am 26, I don't have a steady job (I have been in temporary work/freelancy type work) I'm currently job hunting. I don't have a boyfriend. We recently split up. He doesn't want the baby.

I am really concerned how another abortion in less then 7 months is going to affect me.
i know that this is the last straw now, I have been saying to myself latterly that I am not choosing the right partners and I am to reliant on men and sex so I need a break, especially since I'm in no state to look after a baby. As I said I no big fan of contraception. So since I can't handle the possible consequences, then perhaps its time for a long hiatus. No dating for a year whilst I sort my life out and then if mr suitable comes along then he can wait until I'm ready.

To those spiritual ones out there - do you think this 'baby' has come to me again for a reason? or pure coincidence?