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March 12th, 2013, 03:54 PM
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You'd be surprised what parents want.. My mom was happy to find out (despite me being single and not a great job with more student debt than you).. but she's happy she is going to be a grandma. She melted with the ultrasound. It sounds like you want the abortion.. but I'd also consider your boyfriend's feelings knowing it is his child, too.. Maybe he would consider taking the baby by himself if you don't want to??

I have never had a single friend who did an abortion who did not suffer emotionally from it at some point.. and they always wonder "what if".. Either way it is a hard choice. I chose to keep mine. Im almost 20 weeks along and just got an ultrasound today seeing his face, fingers, toes, etc.. also, at 7 weeks I had some bleeding and got an ultrasound then to see if the baby was still there.. and he already had a heartbeat and a head moving around.. Its pretty amazing watching the development.. I'm feeling movement, too.. it makes me melt.

I am so happy about my decision. It didn't take me too long to buy all I need for the baby and now I am focusing on paying off my loans before he gets here. You can do it if you want to.. You sound in a great position.
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