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March 12th, 2013, 05:40 PM
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I can't think of anything "banned forever" if that is what you mean. Having a Texan dad and lots of relatives in the Great State, she will eventually get some use with the flamethrower, flame "dripper" (thermos o' fire), guns, fireworks, chainsaws, etc. Texans love anything involving fire, big noises, and/or possible serious bodily harm. And she will probably do some manual labor on the ranch at some point which tends to involve trapping/killing feral hogs, cutting down and burning brush and trees, etc.

We don't ban sugar or sweets completely but just don't keep them in the house regularly and so they are more occasional treats. In general I will try to minimize her exposure to TV ads and shows or movies I find questionable but I won't stop her from seeing stuff at a friend's house or something. Since we have Netflix/Amazon streaming instead of regular TV it is pretty easy to control what content we see.

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