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March 12th, 2013, 06:36 PM
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I haven't talked to anybody about the way I have been feeling, but I'm wondering what is wrong with me. Whether it's just horomones or if I'm having other issues. I had issues with depression for years in my past and I feel maybe that pregnancy has brought some of those issues back. I cry over everything. I have no desire to call my friends or any of my family or husband's family. I get up and go to school, then come home and go back upstairs to bed. I seriously only get out of my bed to eat and go to the bathroom. I have school Mondays and Wednesday's then spend the rest of the week cooped up in my room. I'm constantly sad or irritated with somebody or something. My body just constantly aches everywhere and my stomach is always aching..... I don't want to exercise, and I honestly don't want to even eat half the time but I do. Its really hard to be pregnant without my husband here...and we hardly even get to talk now because of his work schedule and the 9 hour time difference. I'm not even looking forward to a baby shower. If my mom wasn't so excited to throw it for me I would have changed my mind and told her I don't want one :-( I don't know what's going on with me. I'm definitely going to talk to my doctor at my next appointment. Im starting to worry that after my son is born I'll really have a hard time dealing with post pardum depression. Sorry for the pity party....I just had to get it out.
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