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March 12th, 2013, 06:37 PM
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FW~ LOL!!! "Let's see if we can make it to 10,000 again quicker, I'm taking a nap"
9 loads of laundry not only sucks, but I don't think is actually possible to do in one day. I have started trying to do a couple a day, so I don't get behind/overwhelmed/buried.
UM~ in light of your dh's recent behavior I think you should have tacos for dinner and he can fend for himself!
COB~ Glad all is well.
Sl~ What an *****!!!
5in5 ~ Why yes of course all we do is F all the time don't you??? What a sad life.
AX2~ I agree and good luck making dinner.
Jen~ I'm exhausted just reading all you did today and I'm not even pregnant. Go to bed early. Hope you got to the baby before baby got to the bed.

We are getting busy around here again. Dh is still out of town
Tomorrow I drop off 4 dc to 4 schools (normal, most days) come home, turn myself into a respectable looking mom fast so I can get back to ds2's school to watch his musical, really excited about it, it should be adorable (ds 2 is missing his 2 front teeth and speaks with a lisp, he (i think all of them really) has a speaking part)) then nephew has math tutor after school and we're home for dinner. Thursday dd1 has a concert and ds2 has chess, dh should be coming home (I hope). Friday, I deliver green grapes to ds2's classroom, after school drop off, I put myself together and dress my little princess like a princess and go see disney princesses on ice, then likely get to ds2s classroom for the "Green party" in honor of St. Patrick's Day, would be nice if dh was home and able to go instead of me, ds2 would be so happy.
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