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March 12th, 2013, 06:52 PM
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You guys are posting machines today! At this rate the next 10,000 won't be that difficult

I've been staying on top of my laundry since they fixed the dryer. I don't even have a laundry hamper out. I throw a load in at night and a load in the morning. I've been very proud of myself.

Sarah, those comments were not nice, but little kids don't bother me. If they come from smaller families they are usually amazed by more kids.

Beth hope the chicken was a success.

FW hope your DD is feeling better!

I'm sure I'm missing someone, but like I said you guys have been posting fast!

Dinner tonight was Tuna Helper with extra broccoli. I had to run and get's Aiden and Megans glasses which put me home later then I wanted to be.

Aiden was so cute when he put his glasses on. He looks around with this look of wonder and says "everything looks so different". Then just looking at everything. He has had glasses I just couldn't get him to wear them.

That's pretty much been my day.
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