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March 12th, 2013, 08:02 PM
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Originally Posted by Leogirl View Post
I try not to buy Holiday themed things. I don't celebrate Christmas per se and there are several others I don't do traditionally so they just don't fit into my life style. However I don't see anything wrong with wearing a Star Wars shirt at any point in time. (I'm wearing one today!)
Oh, he's definitely going to wear his Star Wars shirt anytime! But for sure on May 4th. lol. He'll start wearing it whenever it gets warm enough

I rarely see other kids in E's day care classroom wearing holiday shirts off-season, so I wonder if other parents do what I do (and I just don't see it), or E is unique. Regardless, I don't care! He's too young to know that the shirt is off-season and clothes are too expensive to only wear for the holiday!

Rebecca - the Uncle Sam shirt I bought last year, I got again this year because it was on clearance for $1.25! I understand about it being difficult to resist a good deal, even if it is a holiday shirt! I bought some clearance Halloween pj's for $3 last month.. they're pj's, who cares about the holiday season. (And I hate paying full price for pjs...)

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