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March 12th, 2013, 08:35 PM
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You are better than me! I hate IVs! They hurt my arm (I have tiny veins) they take forever for the people to get in right, and then I'm all hooked up to that IV cart thingee and can't more around. I rather drink water The real reason they give an IV isn't hydration, anyway. It's so they can medicate you if needed or so if you "need" a c-section you are already hooked up. You seem like a tough girl, so I'm sure you'll be fine. Me? I need to know what to expect, especially because when I'm in labor I'm in no position to do anything other than be in labor. My midwife says it's normal. It's my job to have the baby. It's everyone else's job to help me have the baby. I shouldn't be having to think about anything. I think that's why I like my midwife. She basically gives me permission to make everyone else do things HAHA. But trust me, when you are in labor, you could "do nothing" and you're still working harder than everyone else in the room put together but it's a really neat and empowering experience.

I think babysitting for extra money would make more sense for you right now. Your job has been rough on you and with cut hours you won't even be making that much. Like you said, you have almost everything you need already. Your body needs the rest, and I'm glad you are listening to your body's cues. I do look forward to having you around more! I read about your U/S and was upset for you. That tech sounded terrible

Everything is good for me. I got some writing done again tonight! I have 40 scenes left to write, but I wrote 2 tonight so really it's only 38. I want to try to write 2 a night but be okay with even just 1 a night. I see no reason I can't be done by May 1st, though I'd originally aimed for March 1st, so you saw how that went... Hopefully I can stay motivated.

Are you feeling ready to be done with your pregnancy or still enjoying it? I'm in not rush. I need so much still. but once I have it all, I know I'll be looking forward to making term and labor and delivery and meeting my new baby. This pregnancy is going fast, and I feel huge! It's almost time for me to take a new belly pic, too!
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