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March 12th, 2013, 09:21 PM
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Jenny- I used a digital only because I happened to have some leftover that I got for a good package price during my last IUI... I don't have any idea whether those are more or less sensitive or different at all from the kind with the lines, do you?

Clover- I too had some leftover meds (which really stinks considering how expensive they are!). One thing I wish I had done is told the pharmacy not to fill the prenatal vitamins my RE had on my med order- the co-pay for those was $60 and I already had some at home.

Cassandra- I was a 5dt. I've read some IVF success stories (even though I know I'm not supposed to compare) which reported BFP as early as 5dp5dt, but I'm really hoping with everything I have that it is simply too early. We transferred two wonderful blasts and only had one snow baby. I know everyone here knows the feeling, but this wait just almost tears me apart. I try so hard not to stress and to stay calm in order to provide the best environment for implantation as possible, but it is so very hard. I have never wanted something so much... Anyway, I know I'm not saying anything everyone else on this board hasn't felt at one time or another, but it does help to be able to share this with others that I know will understand.

Goodnight and have a happy Wednesday, everyone! I will update after I try again...
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