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March 12th, 2013, 10:02 PM
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Jenlynn, Digitals will not give a positive until a missed period or later, they are WAY less sensitive (50+ hcg or higher) before they give a positive, I think that 1) your test was not sensitive enough and 2) it's still early, I'm sooo excited for you! I'm sorry this is tearing you's hard to wait...praying so hard for you! Check out Pee On A Stick ~ HPT Overview - Yes, this is a real site gives the sensitivity of tests....

JennyT, Gretchen and Grace, we are all going to be so close.....good luck girls! Hope lupron is kind to you all.

Meemee, yay for cutting down on Diet Pepsi... I had my last one today! Now to work on my cup of coffee Hope your nausea goes away

Clover, I used all the meds last time, but it's common to have some things left over.

Cassandra, beautiful embaby

We had a long appt, I'm exhausted, but it was well worth it! My saline u/s was a bit painful, but mock transfer was a piece of cake.

So happy all of that initial paperwork/testing is done. We did find out about another $1400 cost for today, which we didn't have to pay last time *sigh*...the bills keep coming and there is not an end in sight. I have to order a couple thousand in meds in a week. It will all be worth it in the end, though (fingies and toes crossed)....and I got my protocol today (happy dance!)

Here it is!

3/12 Stop BCP
3/16 Start BCP's 2 pills a day through 3/19
3/19 Baseline Ultrasound and Bloodwork
3/23 Start injectibles, Ultrasound (300IU Bravelle & 150IU Menopur)for 4 days
3/25 Bloodwork
3/26 Change Meds to only 300IU Bravelle, no Menopur
3/27 Bloodwork & U/S, med review, 9 days on stims as of today, Ganirelix?
3/31 Tentative trigger shot,
4/02 Tentative retrieval
4/05 or 4/07 Tenatative Transfer
4/19, 4/21 or 4/23 Beta Blood tests!

12/25 Possible due date of Xmas day! I'm so excited, it's going to go fast now! The 3 hr roundtrip to get to the clinic, will be wearing, but I did it before, I can do it again SOOOO excited

Has anyone else EVER heard of going off BCP and then going back on and taking 2 a day for 4 days??? They said the clinic doens't like anyone being on BCPs for more than 2 weeks

I'm also super excited that I got rid of the Lupron, they will be adding Ganirelix instead and I'm getting a higher dose of meds at the beginning to give me a better boost at more follicles. FSH was at 12.23! Dr said since I had some quality over quantity eggs last time, and it's only been 3 years, he is still willing to let us do the shared risk program. SO EXCITED!

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