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March 12th, 2013, 10:05 PM
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I can't decide how to scrap my pregnancy! I've been taking belly pictures. And I have BFP pictures. I had thought I'd do a double page LO for my belly pix and include the pic of my BFP (maybe) on that page, alone with journaling about how happy we are and all that jazz. But then it feels weird to not mention my pregnancy in the scrapbook until the end of the pregnancy. Like there will be all these pictures of me as my belly grows and then all of a sudden a page with all the belly pix announcing the pregnancy. But I can't put all that at the beginning of the pregnancy cuz that would be weird too! It would be easier to just do a pregnancy album but that'd be a really small album! Maybe I'll do it in trimesters?

I overthink things! What would you do/what did you do?


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