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March 13th, 2013, 07:48 AM
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Counting, I find your anxiety completely normal. I'm only on 5, but I think I get more nervous as each delivery approaches. I'm at 36 weeks today and go this afternoon for my appointment. My sister, who is due 3 days after me, found out yesterday that she's being induced at just over 37 weeks because she's been having blood pressure issues since about the 26th or 28th week. Knowing how close she is really puts it in perspective for me, but I just keep telling people I can't talk about it too much. I find that if I ignore it and focus on other things, my anxiety goes away.

Sarah, that was rude! Unfortunately, I think we've all had our share of rude comments. Most of them seem to come from family, in my case. I agree that those at church should be the most understanding of large families, but that doesn't always seem to be the case. I think that most people make comments in an attempt to keep the conversation going or because they think they're funny. They don't realize how it comes off to us hormonal pregos! My worst so far has been a lady at work who is a couple of years older than me and had 1 child. When she told her husband we were having a 5th, he said I don't want you hanging around with her - she's crazy! I've met him, and he's a jack*** so I consider the source, but still rude!!

To add a little levity, here's the kind of things that come out of my hubby's mouth. I was venting the other night (as I have on several occasions) that we don't really have any little boy clothes. The response I got was "Stop it! We surely have enough bisexual clothes from the last time. Besides, he doesn't need anything besides pajamas." I quickly let him know that they are GENDER-NEUTRAL, not bisexual, and we do not have nearly as many as he thinks. And, at some point, we're going to want to leave the house, and a couple of little boy outfits might be nice. Men!!!
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