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March 13th, 2013, 07:49 AM
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Hi ladies! Hope you are all well! As most of you know, we had our first boy on Sept 6 of last year, Liam James. With our girls, the pubic fat pad was never an issue. My husband and I decided to have our son circumcised shortly after his birth. Being we'd never "cared" for a boy's parts (we have 2 girls, I have sisters, and hubby is an only child), it was all new. My sister has two boys and advised I pull the foreskin back to clean it thoroughly, as did the nurses instruct when he was born. This is EXACTLY what I thought we were doing. So, anyways....on to my question. For nearly 4 months, ea visit to the ped., I'd ask if "it" looked ok. Liam is very chunky and his little wee almost inverts itself in the pubic fat pad once you release it from cleaning. We actually have to take our index and middle finger, place it in a "V" and press down on each side of his penis to get it to pop out for cleaning. Each time, she (not our preferred but the dr. available on my Fridays off from the office) told us all looked ok. Finally, I was able to get my monkey in to see our fmly doctor (4 mo. visit), whom I like much better, and he, w/o hesitation or w/o my asking him to do so, checked his circumcision. To my surprise, we were retracting the skin but, apparently, not far enough. The skin had began to reattach itself. So, the doc used some antiseptic/ointment and gently tugged it back (he said we caught it in time). And, although Liam didn't squirm or fuss much, I still felt horrible...and a little ticked that the other doctor had not realized this before, even with my prompting her to check and probing questions. Our preferred (male) doctor has assured me that this is common (the pubic fat pad with retraction and/or inverted appearance and the high occurrence of skin reattaching). All of our babies were very chunky and leaned out once they began to crawl/walk. The doctor tells me that this "fat pad" will disappear as he gets older. Does anyone have any experience with this? I am very much aware that many parents choose not to circumcise their sons - it is just that, a personal and individual choice. Thanks so much for the advice, ladies!
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