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March 13th, 2013, 09:09 AM
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I have been batteling a sinus/cold/cough thing for a while now and its the coughing and nose that have me bugged..lool....otherwise good.

How exciting MIL will be coming...Will she get to stay very long? HOw long will you be with your parents? Sounds like some nice ventures coming up...

My youngest 18 months DD doesnt understand alot but she does understand the concept of baby and she carries her dolls around and puts them in the stoller for walks and tries to wrap it up in blankets and says shhh namee ( arabic for sleeping ) but she doesnt get that one will be coming out of my tummy. M

My 3 yr old DD does and like your son its a constant subject and she keeps asking if its a girl and is she coming yet..SHe is realllllly excited.
I have done some shopping and buying but am still deciding on some things. We have just bought the kids a huge bunk bed set that has tons of drawers and cupboards in it. In fact it doesnt have a standard ladder it uses really over sized box sized drawers on that go down along the side of the end as stairs to go up. and then on the end of those are grippers so theres no slipping. its really nice and that will help on deciding were to put my 18 month DD and then when baby moves out of our rooom. So still things to do.

We will be having an organizer installed in that bedroom for the kids as well. I hope you are able to find the things you need to complete the room for your boys as well. Have you chosen a theme or will you stick to the same one?

Ya we have yet to book our flight and hotel and things, hopefuly after my appt today we will have more answers about the day of my c-section and go from there. Do you have any travel plans after baby is born?

I will update after my anatomy scan today and hopefully post some decent pics!! Isnt your scan coming up at the end of the month?
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