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March 13th, 2013, 09:21 AM
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I might know I'd missed something off the "do you believes" - although aliens might not be all that fitting within a faith/religion questionnaire anyway.

I must say, you make fascinating reading, Terri. Thank you for opening up to us about your path! I knew some, but not all, of your story and it's wonderful to be witness to your blossoming.

Some questions for Friday:

What was the "breakthrough moment" for you on your current path?

What made you decide to convert to Catholicism as a young woman?

Do you and Brian share the same spiritual views?

What's the most valuable lesson your spiritual teacher has taught you?

What has been your favourite moment with each of your kids?

What can you see them deciding to do when they grow up?

And something completely unrelated but I still want to ask it...What was the inspiration behind your lovely FB page?

(and I'm going to post it here in case any of these lovely ladies have not by some chance seen it, if you like spiritual inspirations, it's wonderful).

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