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March 13th, 2013, 09:26 AM
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10 years ago today you:

How old: 19

Lived Where: Home with my parents

Had kids: nope

Husband/Boyfriend: yeah, some idiot boyfriend

Worked at: nowhere, i was going to school full time

Pets: yep, the same one i have now my dog, peanut

Any pics: Oye, they're all in albums, not on the computer and i don't have access to the albums at the moment

Just so i have something, this is from 12 years ago, instead of 10 Prom

Okay wait, wait, 2004...we're getting closer!

Ok wait! Here we go!!! 2003!!

Oooh ooh wait! Here was my car

OMG i keep editing this thing ROFL

I found another You can always count on me for pics!!
I'm on the left and peanut is in there too

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