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March 13th, 2013, 11:08 AM
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As a diagnosed manic depressive (with some other technical fancy medical named mental disorders thrown in there), I'm there with you. I quit going to a therapist and taking medications a long time ago because I hated feeling like a doped up zombie all the time. Meditation and finding outlets is what really helped me and honestly without my Hypnobabies to focus on during this pregnancy I would probably be a huge mess. There is still one or two days out of the week that I pretty much refuse to do anything but the bare minimum or I don't even get out of bed or talk to anyone and I don't think I could make myself talk to anyone even if I wanted to.
Depression sucks. Talk to your ob... usually there are people through them or the hospital you're going through that you would be able to talk to. My mental state and awareness is always the first thing my doctor and I talk about at appointments and I even get a call every week from my nurse. They want to help you, seek it out and take advantage of it!
I hope things get better... and everyone is here for you!
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