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March 13th, 2013, 11:34 AM
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DH may take away my debit card soon lol
I've been buying clothes for the kids since last fall but lately with all the new clothes coming out I'm having way too much fun buying for them I just got Kayley three new dresses, all we'll need to get them when they get here is shoes!
just two more months!!!
I also told DH's family to NOT make plans for the weekend after the kids get here because this year we're having a birthday party for them (or rather a family party) especially since we threw Audrey a big party and BM doesn't do parties for them.
I'm gonna let them pick out a theme or character they each want and I'll get them a small cake each.

Have I mentioned I'm so ready for them to be here?!! lol
I know this will also help with my serious baby fever, having three kids to keep me busy will keep my mind off it. I hope.

The one thing we have left to get is a kitchen table.. yeah we don't one, we have a huge dining room but no table, DH's dad keeps telling me he has one I can have in his storage unit but it's been 6 months and I have yet to get it.. Audrey eats a little kids table, DH and I eat at the couch.. not good I know!! I want a table so we can all sit and have family dinners, and if we don't get a table Ethan and Kayley have no where to sit and eat!! Hopefully FIL will stop being a pain and just get table out for me, I really don't wanna have to spend more of our savings to get one.

Ohh and last time DH talked to BM he ended the conversation so quickly after talking to the kids she didn't have a chance to bring up the stupid "sending the kids back" crap so maybe that's over.. Hope so anyway, fighting before the kids come is the last thing we need.

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