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March 13th, 2013, 12:24 PM
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My day shot to hell in an Easter Basket. BLAH!!

I'm making Easter Nest Cookies. I need coconut for the "nests". Ask Dh to go to store, being the good and dutiful hubby he is, he goes. And five seconds later he's back. Car battery is dead dead dead dead. And it looks like the gas is GONE?! So we at first thought somehow remote start was activated while we were in bed. Now it looks like our battery drained over night due to a bad starter?!

So now we're looking at a $400+ repair. We've only owned this car for a year, it's a 2008 and already we've had the power window break (first day we owned it but the company we bought through fixed it free), replaced the battery 3 months after buying it, replaced tires twice to the tune of $800, and now we're having to fix a starter. That's not counting that we can't open the passenger door from the inside because my mom snapped the door guts by yanking too hard on it, that's another $100 fix, plus our windshield is cracked from a rock thrown by a truck. Grr. Granted insurance will cover the windshield, but it's another $100 for the deductable.

What was the point of buying a late model car if it's still nickeling and dimeing us to death?!

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