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March 13th, 2013, 12:26 PM
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DH works 2nd so I go in the mornings to the gym so that the kids can stay with him.

This week I've went in the evening because we had stuff to do Mon and Tues morning. I took the kiddos to the daycare which is really close by so I can peek in on them anytime I want. I can see the door of it from where I workout. The only reason I don't like it is because I've had to stop my work out to go in there because DS1 was crying (I've never left him with someone we don't know) and then when I went in there DS2 was crying and I had to feed him ( they dont feed or change them) but after that DS1 started playing and DS2 was content so I got to finish my workout. Yesterday thye both did fine and I was able to tan and then workout for an hr before we had to leave. I don't mind taking them and DS1 gets to play with the other kids but it's kinda stressful with DS2 because I never know if he's gonna wanna eat or just be fussy so then I'd have to keep stopping my workout.

Next week I'll go back to going the mornings except I'm going to try out the Zumba class which is in the evenings and possibly the Yoga class which is in the evenings as well.

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