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March 13th, 2013, 04:45 PM
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4 months old

Well we've seen an surpassed 4 months now. Well, only by a few days but she's growing and growing faster by the minute.

Today we dabbled in the art of baby food making and had quite a few successful turn outs. So far she's only tried avocado but we've had no issues in digestion or an allergic reaction. Which is good.

I'm hoping we'll introduce green beans or peas next. Her mommy and daddy love to eat EVERYTHING so hopefully she won't be picky. I was actually surprised at the delight on her face when she was eating the avocado. A lot of people don't like the "nutty" flavor.

In other news, she had her 4 month baby well on the 12th and weighed in at 10lbs4oz and 24inches long. The doctor seemed slightly concerned about the weight gain considering she was 9lbs5oz at her 2 month baby well.

We've had some recent struggles with breastfeeding and have had to supplement but the pedi suggested that introducing foods might aid in giving her the extra calories she needs to gain some weight. I have no problem doing this but I also think her small stature is due to the fact that she's just plain a BUSY baby. The girl doesn't stop moving. Not even in her sleep. She's always scootching around to get comfy or flinching till she drifts off. We'll see.

I've been in contact with a LC in the area via email to discuss our BF issues. It has just recently started within the last week. Annalise is refusing to latch at times. Only when she is rather sleepy will she EBF. Otherwise we'll start out attempting to BF and end up doing a bottle because she gets overly fussy. DH gets upset when I'm persistent about BFing her until she's worked up. He'd rather just give her a bottle and be done with it. Maybe we should. But I'd rather not have to pay for formula when she's still got a while to be on milk. Ugh. Men. Sometimes they don't get it. I don't know what we'll end up doing. I get even less milk when I pump. Pumping just isn't my thing. I don't have the patience. My stash is gone too. So...I'm lost.

We'll figure it out. Eventually. For now we'll keep trying the breast and hopefully she'll get over the sudden nursing strike.

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