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March 13th, 2013, 07:31 PM
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Thanks for the replies. I know, I hate using the word baggage, I just don't know how to describe the situation. I hate to say that I pretty much resent a seven year old kid, and I resent my boyfriend in a way for implying that my son was lying when he told me his son tried to hurt him.

His son has a pattern of this behavior but he refuses to see it. He thinks he is a little rough around the edges but doesn't seem to think he's any more violent than other kids. Meanwhile, his school won't even let him stay for lunch as they can't handle his violent outbursts towards other kids on the playground. So, there's really no getting help for his son as long as he refuses to see that he has a problem.

I worry for my son's safety around him yet my boyfriend thinks it's normal for boys to beat up on each other, am I exaggerating here in thinking it's not? I think there's a difference between play fighting and trying to deliberately hurt someone else, especially when the other kid won't fight back. My son is a gentle boy and could maybe use some "toughening up" but I wouldn't want him to fear coming home from school everyday.

It's just a shame to be in this situation because in every other way, my boyfriend is great. We have so many similar interests and have a lot of fun together, and he wants the same things I want. Yet I cringe at the thought of all of us living under the same roof, and also being put down and yelled at every time I come within the line of sight of his ex.
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