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March 13th, 2013, 07:38 PM
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Cluster feeding is a *****! My son did it to me for the first two weeks. What changed everything for me was buying a wrap. A nice snuggly stretchy comfy wrap (I used Sleepy Wrap). When he nursed and was showing signs of being done *eating* (not sucking, the difference is a more shallow latch and not swallowing any more) I'd pop him in the wrap. He'd scream and scream because he wanted to suck but I made sure to wear a button shirt so his cheek could rest on my skin (but not my boob) and I'd walk around the house and hum/sing. Within a minute or two he'd pass out. Sometimes I'd get really lucky and could take him out of it and lay him down so that I could rest. Many times my DH would wear him instead so I could sleep.

You can also start practicing side nursing. If you prop your legs in a number 4 position and use pillows to keep yourself tilted away a bit the odds of smothering/rolling over on the baby is pretty low. Especially if you're just dozing and/or your SO is nearby. I always told my DH to check on us in a few minutes once I began. Seriously, if you're laying in that position I don't see how it's possible to roll over because to do so you'd have to get up on your knees and flop down.

Also, if you need a breather ask your SO to take the baby for a walk outside, even at night. You wouldn't believe how quickly babies stop crying once they feel the outside air. If it's pretty cold out just bundle the baby up real well and pace in front of the house for a minute or two.

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