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March 13th, 2013, 11:31 PM
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Yes, boys rough house. But there's a difference between that and trying to hurt the other on purpose.

My brothers were rough housers. The rule was if you willingly partook in it, you couldn't come crying to her about it later. They were evenly matched in size and skill, so it was usually entertaining.

My cousin.. was a dangerous child who once threw kitchen knives at his brother who was 3yrs younger. He once shoved my mother down a set of stairs while she was holding a 3 year old child. He would force his brother into "rough housing".. aka he'd beat the crap out of him while his brother tried to get away and we tried to peel them apart.

Your son needs to come first. If your BF isn't willing to open his eyes, then you really need to reconsider the relationship.
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