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March 13th, 2013, 11:56 PM
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Absolutely no soda unless Daddy sneaks it to Ash when I'm not looking.. which he has done and I'm okay with.. No toy guns after Ash told me "Bam. Mommy, you're dead" when she found a toy gun I forgot we even had. We took it and destroyed it.
I also don't allow permanent markers after she drew an "elephant" on our wall with Daddy's work marker.
No Diego! We watch TV sometimes, but I am sooo tired of Diego and Dora. lol
I don't allow that much sugar, but moderation is okay. No coffee or any other high caffeine drinks, but I do allow warm tea on occasion with honey.
Oh, and no added salt in food. If there is salt in something, fine.. but I will NOT add salt into the kids foods and if I make something from scratch I usually do not add any salt.

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