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March 14th, 2013, 07:13 AM
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I am SO FRUSTRATED! I just want to cry (and did a little yesterday). The pediatric GI, in my opinion, was a waste of time. He wouldn't listen to me or apparently didn't even bother to read her medical history from her pediatrician or Geneticist. He just looked at Bailey's weight currently and where she was at birth. He said, well at 6mo10d, she's very small at 12.5lbs. She's off the charts (ummm....yeah, DUH! That's why we're here). He said "Well, we've got to get her to gain and get her on the charts". What does he think this whole process we're going through is about?

So, he tells me to pump exclusively for 5 days, no nursing AT ALL, give her pumped milk about of bottles with Polycose added to it to boost the calories. I tell him that we didn't do the Polycose, but I did already pump and supplement several ounces in between feedings with her ped. It didn't do anything as far as weight gain and all it did was make her miserable, fussy, and left her with a distented stomach at the end of the day. She had a few abnormalities in her labs and we're waiting to hear back her results from the geneticist. He completely blew me off and told me to do this, come back in a month, and if she hasn't gained and isn't on the charts, then "we'll have to make drastic changes" whatever that means, which I'm assuming means he'll want her to stop nursing and be put on a high calorie formula. I asked about why we were sent there, any potential malabsportion issues or any structural issues in her GI tract causing this and he wouldn't even address that.

My questions are, reading up on Polycose, it's a cornstarch based carbohydrate calorie booster. So, if she's potentially got some malabsorption issues (maybe celiac or something of that nature) or metabolic issues, won't a corn-based product further aggravate it?

He says she needs at least 24onces of milk a day. I say she's getting a lot more than that. She's nursing off both sides 6x a day (I haven't cut out any nursings due to her low weight) and I can pump 5-6oz off ONE side. We've already concluded at her ped that calories IS NOT an issue....once again, blown answer, other than 24on with the Polycose would up the calories. Um, HELLO, dr!!! Are you even listening to me? Let's assume she only gets 5oz off one side and maybe 3 off the other. That's 8oz/nursing and a total of 48 oz a day. You're saying that the added Polycose will not even double the calories she's taking in, yet you're telling me to half the amount she's getting with the Polycose. She's getting more milk and calories nursing than she would with 24oz milk w/Polycose and she's not gaining. No answer other than follow his instructions.

I just can't believe he wouldn't want to rule out underlying issues before potentially harming her system further with something artificial. The whole reason we were sent there was to look at underlying issues. I feel like he's pushing/forcing me into eventually giving up breastfeeding. I don't know what to do.

Any advice?
Any experience with Polycose? I'm really worried about using a cornstarch based additive.
I'm heartbroken for my little girl and beyond frustrated with the process at this point.

I'll cross post in FB, too, just so you know you'll see this in both places. I really need help ladies!!!
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