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March 14th, 2013, 07:56 AM
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I can't begin to imagine how frustrated you are! And, although, I have no experience with Pylocose, I would tell you after your research, follow your motherly intuition. All of what you've detailed above sounds logical...if Bailey is having a malabsorption or metabolic issue (s), supplementing with this could potentially heighten the situation and cause irreversible damage to your baby girl. I think I would INSIST on speaking with the practice manager and or facility administrator. That doctor is accountable to someone - make your voice heard. I've found 1 of two things to happen when being proactive in this kind of situation. 1) The matter is addressed with the physician and he/she steps back to reconsider/review case details with a favorable prognosis or 2) Addressing the physician aggravates the situation as he/she feels that you/fmly are challenging or questioning his credentials and backs away from farther tx. Either way, you have to advocate for your child, which it sounds thus far like you are doing a fantastic job of. Is there another physician in the practice that you can see? You are a very confident, intelligent and nurturing mother - do not go away quietly. You will find the answers you're looking for...keep pushing ahead.
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