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March 14th, 2013, 09:03 AM
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I'm so sorry your going through this and just this week have dealt with doctors not listening to underlying issues that may be causing problems and its so frusterating bc as a mother we know its our job and the only ones who can speak up for them and we dont want them to suffer in any way. Id try to go see a different specialist if you can. Call your health insurance and ask for them to cover another doctor in your area they usually do not cover. they did that for my pregnancy the GYN and the hospital were not covered but made an eception it was easy and they mailed me the paper and faxed it to the doc and only took minutes. Call them and talk to them they can be helpful when you explain your out of options with doctors and need temporary exception for coverage, to be considered and in network provider instead of not covered at all or out of network. It sucks to go through all the shuffeling of doctors but get all her records and keep going. NO doctor should recommend NOT breastfeeding as the first thing to a problem when test results havent been looked at or all test available for the problem havnt been done. We will keep praying for your family and lil girl.

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