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March 14th, 2013, 10:42 AM
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I know it's hard, but don't let her fall asleep! Of course she will ask for more the moment you lay her down (or 30 minutes later), because she didn't get enough milk at the previous feeding.
Nursing is REALLY comforting to the babies so it's not wonder they pass out so easily. Some tips I've been told by a consultant was to remove a piece of clothing from baby (they will stay awake longer if they're not as warm), change their diaper (the activity itself will bring them back to awareness and again the temperature change helps), nudge them a bit when they fall asleep etc. Unlatching and relatching can work too.
That could help with the falling asleep part.

For the times when she just stops and acts uninterested, I would speak to a lactation consultant. Is it possible you have overactive let down? This might make a baby stop for a few minutes.

Also she might be using you as a pacifier so yes I would look into finding a good one.

Pumping could help - at least your husband can take over some of the feeding and you can get some down time and also give your nipples a break (you mentioned soreness).
That's what I did. My daughter was cluster feeding in the beginning I was also going insane with lack of rest and omg I had such bad pain I would dread the next feeding. On the second morning home I sent my husband on an emergency trip to buy a pump.

You can go to formula if you want but I'm not sure how that would solve the issue any better than pumping. She might still fall asleep, ask again in an hour, etc.

Good luck I hope something works. The important thing is that you're both happy and healthy.
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