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March 14th, 2013, 12:31 PM
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We're still here, just been busy with school and such. I've been busy with classes, teaching classes (weekends), canning, dehydrating, raising chickens, preparing the garden, planning and implementing the youth group service projects, and all the other little things that keep a household running.

We've got our older one back closer to home and it's so nice to see him a lot after being away at college for 4 years and then a year in another state working. Pretty sure I've met my first future daughter in law

My niece just got accepted in one of the most rigorous EMT schools in the state so we're really proud of her!

The next oldest has moved back down to college and finally has a job

My Airman is doing great! He is doing well in his college classes and just ranked the highest you can on his annual performance review and is up for promotion because of it He's also really doing me proud by making financially sound decisions.

Our oldest girl got a job and is not only working pretty long hours but also keeping her grades up. She has always struggled and allowed anything to interfere with her grades so this is great that she isn't allowing work to interfere.

The next oldest girl is not doing so well. Until we grounded her she was failing 4 academic classes - she is finally passing three of those and only has AP Physics to go. She is having to learn the art of time management in order to manage being president of the chorus, an actress in drama, and being in all advanced academic classes.... oh wait, and a 17 year old with a driver's license :/

My next girl has really kept on top of everything and is getting top notch grades. The middle school refused to put her *back* in the gifted program after a few years of "homeschooling" so she decided to stick it to them by making as close to 100% in all of her classes as she possibly could (two are even 99% and 100%) - to that end every single one of her teachers has recommended her for advanced and AP classes in high school!!! She is still refereeing soccer games and is also in the drama society. She even had a solo in the play a couple of weekends ago but she didn't tell us and surprised us with it! She got an award for best attitude as well as an invitation to be inducted into the Junior Thespian Society! Her chorus just recieved all 1's (Superiors) at competition last week.

Our youngest son - who is the most gifted of all the children - is turning into the typical pre-teen smart kid - too smart to do menial, "baby work" so just doesn't do it at all. BUT he does excellently on his tests. Thankfully they are used to this type of behavior and work with it. One of the teachers though called and talked to me about what she could possibly do to motivate him - we're all at a loss. However, I'm starting to see a little bit of improvement - praying it continues. He's also been bitten by the drama bug - only he's fallen for the behind the scenes work of the crew. He worked the spot light of this past show and is super excited to work on upcoming plays - which unfortunately won't be until the fall of this year.

The youngest daughter is seriously coming a long way with her dyslexia. She's gifted and dyslexic so it's a tough combination. However, this year she is pulling 2 A's and 2 B's (as of the last report card) which is phenomenal for her She's in chorus which requires an early morning dedication ... only one more performance left this year. She's still enjoying American Heritage Girls as well.
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