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March 14th, 2013, 09:39 PM
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I had posted on here that I was having contractions on my due date 3/9, but they ended up going away. The next day, Sunday, we ran errands and cleaned up the house some. DH kept telling me it’d be nice if I could have the baby so he wouldn’t have to work. I told him to plan on working till at least Wednesday, and he wasn’t too happy. We went to bed around midnight and I had to get up right away to use the bathroom. I had more bloody show, and after having it Saturday morning, I had a feeling I’d be going into labor soon. Sure enough I woke up at 3am with contractions. I tried to sleep through them, but although they weren’t that painful, they seemed pretty close and I wasn’t tired enough to pass out in between. I decided to start timing them at 3:30 just to see. They were about 30-35 seconds long, and coming every 2.5 minutes. About 4 I got in the shower to see if that would change anything, and the contx kept coming throughout the shower. I ate, then decided I should time some more. They were 40-45 seconds long and coming every 3 minutes. I really wanted DH to get plenty of sleep, so I didn’t say anything. I had to breathe through the contx, but they weren’t terrible. The contx stayed consistent, so I texted my mom at 5:30 and told her I was pretty sure we were having a baby today. I told her what was going on and she said it was probably time to let Linsey our midwife know, and maybe I should wake DH. I texted Linsey and she said she would start getting ready to head down to my parents. DH got up and I bossed him around a little about things he needed to clean before we left! DD woke up and begged us to get back in bed with her, which I thought was pretty sweet. We got down to my parents a little before 7, and Linsey and her assistant showed up right after. I told her I was concerned because the contx were so close together but not lasting long enough. She tells me some people never get to full 90 second contx, to which I was like WHAT??? I thought they just needed to be a minute!!

She checked baby’s hr and everything was fine, so they just left DH and I alone. I had contx wherever I felt, kneeling on the couch, kneeling on the ground, holding onto chairs. DH rubbed my back through them. About 9:30, Linsey suggested we take a walk, which I didn’t really want to hear. I was afraid she thought I wasn’t making any progress and needed to get moving. We went outside and it was freezing! Walking through contx seemed easier, and I didn’t need DH to rub my back. We came in around 10, and Linsey said we could get the tub ready if I wanted. I was afraid it was too soon, and I hadn’t used enough of my other coping strategies, but the tub sounded so good, so I told them to fill it up. DH and I went downstairs b/c I wanted to lie on the bed through a few contractions just to try to rest. For some reason the contx slowed down on the bed, but also intensified. I felt a little pressure during them, and instead tensing up, I just let myself push a little. I knew it was too early to push, but it was better than tensing up. I did about 10 contx in this position and really felt like they were doing something! At this point I was definitely having a harder time getting through the contx and was freaked out a little because they were still only lasting 45 seconds, and sometimes less. I decided to change into my tank top to get in the tub. I passed the tub on my way to the bathroom, and it was only a third filled up and it had cold water in it. I wasn’t too happy b/c I really wanted to get it. In the bathroom, I remember it feeling nice and warm, and I told DH that I couldn’t be that close b/c I was still cold. Linsey came in and checked the hr while I was on the toilet. We came out of the bathroom about 11:10, and I chatted and laughed with Linsey and her assistant. I told them I really wanted to get in the tub, and they said it would be ready soon. I had a contx and started kneeling on a loveseat in the basement b/c I didn’t want to move far from the tub.
I really started screaming through the contx and was still thinking I didn’t want to go through this pain all day. I kept telling myself, if I can just have him by 3pm, that wouldn’t be too bad. Linsey doesn’t check for dilation, so I had no idea how far I was. I started getting whiny about the tub, so Linsey said I could get in the hot tub if I wanted. I wanted relief so bad, I said yes, so DH went and opened it. I feel like I had 3 contx right on top of each other while he was gone, and I remember hearing Linsey say “Well, we’ll just get her out real quick if we need to” I think they were saying if I had the baby in there, b/c it was pretty cold out, but I thought they meant, if it was time to push they’d get me out fast, so when DH got back, I told them there was no way I could get in AND out of the hot tub. Also, at this point, I was still wearing pants. I started feeling so much pressure with contx and Linsey said I should probably get the pants off. DH had to peel them off of me, bc I couldn’t move. Very shortly after the pants came off, around 11:50, my water broke during a contx. DH was getting me water and I remember thanking him and saying please, and thinking “there’s no way I’m close enough b/c I’m still being too nice.” Linsey decided I need some oxygen, which I guess helped, but I was burying my head in a pillow and screaming during contx so this just made me hot and annoyed. She said I could really start pushing during contx and I felt some relief in knowing that I was at least getting somewhere. Then she asked if I wanted my mom or Maddie to come down, and I knew she had said she’d bring Maddie in for the last few pushes, and this made me feel a lot better. I was screaming so I knew I didn’t want to freak Maddie out, but I told them I needed “my mommy”…which DH is still making fun of me for. I remember saying this was the weirdest feeling ever, and that it hurt so bad. I started pushing at 11:55, his head came up and then they pushed my foot up on the couch which was incredibly painful, but he was completely out seconds later. Born at 12:07, after 9 hours of labor, with only the last 2 hours being intense.

He came out screaming his head off, and he was quickly handed to me. It was awkward because I’d been kneeling, and I felt like his cord was twisted all around, but finally I was able to move and sit down while I held him. He screamed for quite a while. Linsey said his hr had gone pretty low while I was pushing, but once he was out he was perfectly fine. His apgars were 8/10. He weighed 8lbs 10 oz, 20.5 inches long and a 14.5 in head. I couldn’t believe he weighed so much, I really expecting an 8lb baby tops. He nursed about an hour later and calmed down pretty quickly. I needed a few stitches, I tore where I’d had my episiotomy last time. I’ve got some pain down where the stitches are, but I’m already doing so much better than after Maddie’s birth.

And a little side note, obviously the tub was never ready, and I ended up having him on my parents white leather couch. They did put pads under me, but it wasn't enough. When I went to sit down after he was born, I noticed a huge pool of blood in between the cushions! Miraculously, my mom and the midwifes cleaned up the whole thing....or so they thought. My mom told me they went to move the couch today and there was a big pool of blood under it, and they found more on the inside. They think they got it all this time...hopefully! My mom said she's glad they decided to move it bc otherwise it may have gotten really nasty! Luckily my parents were both just so excited I had a baby at their house, that I think even if I'd ruined their couch, it'd be ok
And now for some pictures!! He’s just the sweetest little guy, and he has so much more hair than Maddie had!
This is about an hour after he was born, I'm holding his hand while they stitched me up

This is the next morning, about 20 hours old

And here he is with Maddie, getting ready to head home

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