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March 14th, 2013, 10:27 PM
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Keakie, they've gone through every possible legal avenue and spent thousands upon thousands of unnecessary funds because she's not willing to compromise on anything, she wants it ALL. They've finally exhausted all their options and it looks like the judge will be making a ruling, but if there is any possible way for her to appeal, you can bet she will.

My boyfriend's son's teachers and a psychologist have recommended that he get tested for ADHD, but my bf "doesn't believe" he has it and if he does, he says there is no way he would ever medicate him. He genuinely thinks his son's behavior is normal. And while I get that his parents' issues could have spurred a lot of his anger/aggressiveness, he's had issues long before they even separated. I read the psychologist's assessment (part of their legal process) and she blames a lot of it on his mother's lack of self control and most important a lack of DISCIPLINE on both their behalves.

I feel guilty for even bringing my son around him and when I do, I have to watch them constantly to make sure my son isn't being attacked. It makes me sad to think about not being with my boyfriend anymore, but if he is so in denial about his son's issues I don't see how we can go forward. And I don't know how to make him see his son needs help, as I know he loves his son as I love mine and doesn't want to see him in a bad light, nor do I want him to think I'm coming down hard on his son or think that I see him as a bad parent.
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