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March 14th, 2013, 11:29 PM
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So i have been MIA for quite sometime.

Breast feeding was a nightmare for the first couple of weeks even after i learned the correct way. the pain was unbearable i used to cut feedings short like 5mins at a time. now i dont even notice that 20mins has passed (thats hw long he feeds). I think i may have an oversupply simply because baby chokes a lot these days and when he lets go milk sprays everywhere leading to a change of clothes 4 mommy and baby.

one breast significantly larger, have started feeding more on the other side with no success. only hardening of the larger side as a result. what to do???

He had some bumps take over his face now they are gone after about 2wks nw they are back on his arms and legs. maybe allergy maybe eczema.

i missed the appointment 4 his shots this week due to rain and i was lateanyways, re-scheduled 4 nex week

he has grown out his newborn clothes now ans has stopped wearing newborn is gaining weight.

baby sleeps for longer periods. no mre two hour feeds now i do 4-5hr feeds meaning im well rested. baby is gassy as a result..i use gripe water (baby spits it right back out on me though).

baby is calm even when awake except for when its feeding time..who knew a baby could b so loud?? he is very aggressive when its feeding time. he holds on to the breast with two hands now and thrashes about when it falls out of his mouth.

baby is stuffy at nights ever since birth..idk y..been using saline drops up to 3 times a stop what u could define as baby snores.

have stated to use cloth diapers at hme and the disposables on the street.

planning baby christening for month 6

as for dtd.. tried it once a bit painful and uncomfortable..this was around week 5.

i am curious as to when ill start menstruating i did experience what i would term spotting with abdominal pains for 2 days.

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